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Cresthill's Hurricane Eugene SH
(2 Master passes)

DOB: 7/10/2011
Weight: 75 lbs
Color: Yellow (true Fox Red)
Throws: Black, Yellow (Fox Red) 
and possibly Chocolate
OFA Hips: Good
OFA Elbows: Normal
CERF: Clear
CNM: Clear 
EIC: Clear
PRA: Clear 
RD/OSD: Clear 
Dilute: Clear
Stud Fee: $600

Photo by Barbara Bozeman

Photo by Barbara Bozeman

Splash is a true gift to our breeding program and I will forever been indebted to his owners Jim and Maria Bethard.  Maria came out to the kennel when Splash was just 4 weeks old.  When she saw Splash, she picked him up, snuggled with him and said "I want THIS one!!" Three weeks later she came and picked him up.  

How Splash got his name... Once Splash was home with the Bethard's they would take him into the back yard where the pool is located.  Splash was very curious and interested in the pool.  One time while he was sniffing at the water he lost his balance and fell in.  Maria was quick to run over and scoop him out.  Splash immediately shook himself off and then with a running start leaped back into the pool with a big "SPLASH".  And so his call name came into being.  Coming up with his AKC name was another story.  Splash went home with the Bethard's the summer that Hurricane Eugene ripped thru Virginia.  With Splash's love of water, in any form, his AKC name became Cresthill's Hurricane Eugene. 

When Splash was just over a year old he came to the kennel for boarding and some obedience training.  I worked with him on a daily basis teaching him formal commands.  With every passing day I found my heart melting more and more.  Many of his expressions and mannerisms were so much like his grand mother, Kyla (whom I had recently had to say good-bye to).  Splash flew thru his initial training, because I felt he had excellent potential to run hunt tests, I asked Maria and Jim if I could send him off to my professional hunt test trainer.  They agreed. 

Splash went to Jamie Farmer and quickly earned his SH title.  He is now working toward his Master Hunter title.  He ran his first Master tests in Spring 2014.  

Based on the natural talents Splash has displayed and his achievements in the field thus far, we are now pleased to offer him at stud to approved females.  He is a true fox red Labrador just as his grandsire FC AFC CAFC Money Talks II.  I fully expect that he will produce this color.  He could potentially carry the chocolate gene as well.  

I expect Splash to pass many of his quality traits on to his offspring.  Splash has a very strong retrieving desire, awesome water entries, intelligence and trainability.  When they were passing out portions of personality, I believe Splash got a second serving.  He has an impeccable disposition and I haven't seen a more affectionate male dog.  Splash has OFA Good hips, Normal Elbows and Clear CERF.  He is DNA clear of EIC, CNM, PRA, and RD/OSD. 
If you are interested in breeding your female to Splash please call Wendy at 540-226-9595 or send an email to

Photo by Barbara Bozeman

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