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Cuda's Wuda Been Good


01/25/00 - 09/03/10
Weight: 68 lbs
Color: Chocolate
Throws: Black and Chocolate
OFA Hips: LR-121408E24F-PI

OFA Elbows: LR-EL14158F24-PI
CERF: 31680/2002--24

"Korie" was 68 lbs of love and affection. She had a very strong desire to please and would do just about anything for a hug or pat on the head. Because of the difficulties Korie had with her first litter we decided to retire her from our breeding program. Once she was spayed, Korie went to live with one of her daughters and my dearest friend in New Hampshire. Christina, thank you for loving and taking such great care of Korie.

Korie was Christina's "loyal one" and would lay by the door waiting for her to return home from work. Korie passed away over the age of 10 due to renal failure.

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Cuda's Wuda Been Good

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