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GMHR Kingstons Deeprun Yebo Tombi MH

10/17/97 - 03/01/13
Weight: 70 lbs
Color: Yellow
Throws: Black and Yellow

OFA Hips: LR-102260G25F-PI
OFA Elbows: LR-EL9832
CERF: LR-26086 1/05
CHIC: 2273

CNM: Clear

"Tombi" is 70 muscled pounds of drive and desire. She is a retrieving machine by every definition. Her memory, marking ability, trainability, style and intelligence are assets that retriever enthusiasts dream about. Talented and gifted, she excels when challenged by a difficult task. Tombi has attained her Senior and Master Hunter titles with AKC and her MHR and GMHR titles with MAHRA. Tombi is very affectionate and well behaved. A pleasure to be around in the house or in the field she is truly an asset to Cresthill and her breed.

Pedigree of

GMHR Kingstons Deeprun Yebo Tombi MH

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