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Purchasing a Puppy from Cresthill Kennels

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Reserving a puppy
Picking positions are decided by the order in which deposits are received.  As most of our puppies are sold by the time they are two weeks old, we strongly recommend that you send a deposit to reserve a puppy once you have decided on a particular litter or color/gender.  If you have questions or would like suggestions as to which litter might fit your needs best please contact us, we will be happy to assist you.  Your deposit is fully refundable up until the litter in which you have place that deposit on is six weeks of age. 

Click here for Deposit Agreement.

Selecting a puppy
We strongly encourage new owner participation.  A puppy is a lifetime commitment (on average 10 - 12 years), it is important that you have the correct chemistry with your new puppy.  Although you will not be able handle the puppies until they are five weeks old and have had their first set of shots, you are allowed to come out and observe them.  After they are five weeks old we ask that you come out as often as you can to start learning the individual personalities of the puppies.  This will make your selection process a little easier.

Progress Reports and Pictures
For those of you that do not live close enough, or are to busy to visit with the puppies before they go home we will post pictures and progress reports as often as possible, usually once every other week.  These progress reports will include updates on dewclaw removal, health checks, vaccinations, dewormings, etc.  If at anytime you have a question about a particular puppy give us a call, we love to talk about our babies.

Pick-Up/Go Home Weekend 
This is the weekend that the puppies are seven weeks of age.  We will schedule appointment according to the picking list.  We try VERY hard to accommodate everyone's schedules, but if for some reason you are not able to make it out to select your puppy, we will pick your puppy for you.  We do this by talking with you to see what traits you would like or dislike in your puppy. If you are unhappy with the puppy that we have selected for you we will be glad to forward your deposit to our next available agreed upon litter.

Puppies are able to join their new families when they are seven weeks old.  If you are unable to pick your puppy up on the posted pick up weekend you may be subject to a $20 a day boarding fee.  Please contact us as soon as possible if you cannot pick your puppy up on the posted weekend.  We will post on the website the Pick-up weekend once the puppies are born.  We will not hold puppies for Christmas!! If your intention is to have a puppy join your family for Christmas tell your family that Santa came early and pick up your puppy on the scheduled go home weekend.

What you receive from Cresthill Kennels at the time of purchase
1. You will receive your well socialized puppy.
    a. Vet checked
    b. Dewclaws Removed
    c. Minimum of one vaccination
    d. Minimum of three dewormings
    e. Microchipped
    f. Nails trimmed a minimum of three times
    g. Introduced to loud noises, birds, feathers, wings and water (weather permitting)
2. Puppy Package (which includes)
    a. AKC Registration paperwork and Microchip Enrollment Form
    b. Litter Announcement
    c. Pictures, pedigree, health certificates, titles etc of Sire and Dam
    d. Four Generation Puppy Pedigree
    e. Puppy Medical Record (shots that have been given/when other shot are due, wormings, vet visits etc)
    f. Puppy Health Examination sheet signed by my vet
    g.Written 5 Year Guarantee
    h. Information on Crate Training and House Breaking, Hip Dysplasia, Safe Toys, Feeding Schedule, etc 
3.  A toy that your puppy and his/her littermates have played with.  This toy will have familiar scents 
    which will help with his/her transition from our home to yours.  
4.  Small starter pack of food.  We use and recommend Pro-Form Performance Professional and Diamond 
     Natural Large Breed 
5.  A LIFETIME 24 hour a day customer support system.  Our puppies are very important to us.  It is 
    just as important to us that they are successful in their new homes as it is to you.  Please call/text us if
     you have any questions or concerns, as your puppy's breeder it is our responsibility to be there for both 
    of you.

***If at anytime you cannot keep your Cresthill puppy, we ask that you contact us and give us the first option of taking the puppy back, or assisting you in finding a suitable home.***

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