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Boarding Kennel

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Picture of the back of the kennel and airing yards.

Our indoor/outdoor runs are ideal for larger dogs or dogs that have a high energy level.  We have three different sized runs which we will select for your dog in accordance to their activity level, size and/or special needs.  The indoor runs are 4' x 5’, 4' x 7', and 4' x 8' and the outdoor runs are 4'x 20,  4’ x 23’, and 4'x 32'. The indoor runs are constructed of a solid 48” FRP (vinyl) bottom panels and 24” perforated top panels to provide adequate air circulation.  The bottom panels seal completely to the floor to create a water tight seal.  This prevents cross contamination between runs and provides your dog with a secure cozy area to rest and relax.  The outdoor runs have a covered concrete section with the FRP panels for privacy and an extra area of pea gravel and chain link fencing.  While building our new facility we thought to put skylights in to allow for natural lighting.  We have also installed ceiling fans to allow proper air circulations.  All chain link thru out the facility has the smallest diamonds available to prevent injuries to paws. 

Indoor Runs

Covered Outdoor Runs

Runs are cleaned, sanitized and completely dried daily.  During the winter months the concrete floors in the kennel areas are warmed with radiant heat.  Not only does this help the floors dry faster after sanitation, but it also helps keep your pet more comfortable.  During the summer month the kennel is kept at a comfortable 72 degrees with central air conditioning. For those dogs that will not chew bedding, a clean fresh dog blanket will be provided to them every evening to sleep on.  At your request, your dog can have a Kurunda bed along with their blanket.  

Indoor Run with Kurunda Bed

While a guest at our kennel, your dog will enjoy 1 to 2 supervised play/ exercise sessions per day in our large airing yards.  Soothing music is played 24 hours a day in both the indoor and outdoor runs.  We feed Pro-form food to all of our guests and personal dogs.  If you would like for your dog to eat a different brand of food during their stay, please bring that along with you when you come to drop them off.  We offer both AM and PM feedings.

One of our three Large Airing Yards

Large Airing Yards

Play Session

Cost is $40 for the first dog in a run.

For each additional dog in the same run, add $30.

Payment is happily accepted via Credit Card, Apple Pay, or Check, Cash is preferred. 

(Ask about our Cash Discount)

Click HERE to see a copy of our boarding contract.

Vaccination Requirements
DHPPv (Distemper/Parvo) 
Bordatella* (Kennel Cough)

*Bordatella must be administered a MINIMUM OF 10 DAYS prior to boarding!

Hours of Operation

8:00am-12:00pm and 6:00pm-7:00pm 
(7 Days A Week)

Holidays and Early Closings

New Year's Eve
Closed at Noon
New Year's Day
Fourth of July
Thanksgiving Eve
Closed at Noon
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Eve
Closed at Noon
Christmas Day

*After hours pick-up/drop-off is by prior arrangement ONLY*

(Additional $100.00 fee)

Cancellation Policy
If you are no longer in need of our boarding services we require a phone call, email, or text prior to your expected drop off.  If notice is not given, you will be charged a minimum of $50 or a maximum of the full amount of the original booked reservation, whichever is greater.

Cresthill Kennels

Wendy Bonello
13190 Nancy Wright's Drive 
Woodford, VA 22580
(540) 226-9595

Boarding Inquiries Email:

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